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NovoPad has an insurance and award system

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How to earn $NOVO via staking

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The $NOVO auto-staking feature is an extraordinary way to reward holders, you simply have to:

1. Buy Novoos token through a Decentralized Exchange such as PanCakeSwap.

2. Hold $NOVO tokens in the cryptocurrency wallet of your choice such as Metamask.

3. Earn with a high an initial APR of 97% and a Daily ROI 1.3%.

4. Earn 5% in total of $BUSD rewards in addition.

No Locking

Investors of $NOVO will not have to lock their tokens, they will be available in your wallet as redistribution is completed automatically, both in $NOVO tokens (24 hours) & $BUSD (24 hours) redistributions directly to your wallet.

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