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Frequently Asked Questions

Novoos Founder will be acquiring KYC and Audits from reputable entities before presale and more information can be found regarding this via announcements on Telegram & Discord specifically.

The Novoos Founder will be KYCd.

Transparent team with many amazing utilities released and in working order prior to any sales.

The BUSD Dash can be found HERE

The BUSD contract can be found: HERE

The Staking Dashboard can be found HERE

The jackpot dapp can be found: HERE

The jackpot contract can be found: HERE

The $NOVO Contract is public and can be reviewed:

The NAC contract can be found: HERE

Read & review the other $NOVO contracts: HERE

The Novoos team have the liquidity locked and can be checked: TBU

The Novoos contract has been audited and you can find the audits: TBU

Novoos has plans to include a social metaverse where you are able to use $NOVO tokens as you interact with other users in future.

The first Branch of the Novoos Ecosystem will be NovoPad, the next-generation launchpad, you can read and review the platform by clicking HERE
In its earliest stage and the future branch releases of Novoos Ecosystem, the $NOVO token will serve as a starting point for the $NOVO SocialFi Novoos dAPP where users will be able able to use the social network anonymously and in a decentralized manner.
Active users will earn rewards more efficiently in $NOVO tokens by activity, live streaming, leaderboards, GameFi and much more.
Initial investors earn BUSD deposited straight to their crypto wallet of choice for holding $NOVO tokens.
Novoos also offers auto staking, 2 jackpots, NFT’s with use cases where you can earn more too.
Search the $NOVO Wiki for more info on any of the above to read more details.

$NOVO has a BUSD redistribution that will only be available after launch and you have to hold a minimum $50 of $NOVO tokens in your wallet.

You will as well earn reflections with the auto-staking mechanism in place within the $NOVO contract at an extraordinary APR of 97%.
$NOVO holders that have more than $5000 of Novoos tokens, will receive a share of all revenue from the platforms that Novoos operates.

The presale is set to be whitelisted; however, if there is a need for changes, users will be informed.

You can buy in the private sale only on NovoPad, get more information by contacting the Novoos team on our Telegram group for more details.

A countdown timer will be set on the Novoos website, Telegram & Discord and in case of any changes, you will be informed through public announcements.

The marketing plans in place will ensure that the Novoos team has a very successful future with ongoing developments and heavily budgeted campaigns to bring vast exposure.

These campaigns at times will run simultaneously and more will be added as we further develop and release our utilities.

The NAC contract also has anti dump algorithms and ways to keep the pressure on, for example with our jackpot with buys at hourly & daily prizes, read more about the jackpots HERE

  • We will take a snapshot of the top holders and they will receive exclusive NFT Airdrops from Novoos when it is ready
  • Dextools campaigns
  • Listings on exchanges for more volume
  • CMC/CG listings after PCS
  • Community shilling on Telegram and Discord
  • Blockfolio & FTX listing
  • Twitter campaigns
  • CMS campaigns
  • Coingecko campaigns
  • AMA tours on Popular Telegram groups
    Yahoo finance, Benzinga and Forbes articles
  • Poocoin ads – Designing the ads to grasp the attention of potential investors with high impression & click ratios
  • Bogged Ads
  • Bscscan Ads
  • Coingecko Ads
  • Ads on 30+ more powerful BSC crypto platforms
  • Coinmarketcap favourites
  • Coingecko favourites
  • DMs to members of organic groups
  • Telegram campaigns & calls
  • Coinhunt Votes
  • Coinsniper Votes
  • Coin sites promoted spots (more than 15)
  • Coinsite banners
  • Organizing Shilling contests

The $NOVO taxes are as follows:

Buy tax: 12%

Sell tax: 14%

Ensure you adjust these accordingly when Novoos is first listed on PCS for slippage and add +2 at least if you do not succeed the first time.